IU & Zico collab to form like K-pop Voltron on “SoulMate” and take down SHAUN

While many were aware that IU and Zico knew each other since their “Marshmallow” collab, not many realized they were close since before that. Well, it took the combined powers of the two digital monsters on “SoulMate” to take down the future year-end awards sweeper SHAUN and “Way Back Home“.

Hell, it even took Crush and Melomance‘s Jung Dong Hwan.

On July 30 at 6 p.m. KST, Zico released “SoulMate” featuring IU. The song also includes Crush in the chorus and Melomance’s Jung Dong Hwan on piano, and Zico participated in the song’s composition, lyrics writing, and production.

Well that ain’t fair.

Public adoration sajaegi, IMO.


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