Pentagon fan explains why being mad about oppar dating is fine, here we go again

So as you know, things are a fucking mess with Pentagon right now. Three members have been caught up in dating rumors, with one confirmed, one that was confirmed to have happened before (and is realistically still happening), and one that seems like a complete rumor.

As is usually the case when idols date, Pentagon fans are upset about this, with everything from fansites closing to demanding members leave the group to just general flipping out. And as is usually the case, fans are writing essays as to why they are justified in being mad.

Here’s a prominent one making the rounds at the moment:

Don’t worry, it’s not just Korean fans as I actually see this sentiment around with international fans as well, usually from people who are also delulu as shit. But honestly, why do people keep trying to explain this like we’re fucking idiots? Like we get the reasons and the status quo and all that, and the whole point is we simply disagree with that approach and don’t give a shit about their bullshit reasons that none of them cared about before they found out their fave was fucking.

Like literally my last favorite group was Crayon Pop, and my previous fave Soyul got knocked up before a comeback by Moon Hee Jun, dropped out and got married, and is currently probably slaving away in a kitchen somewhere while her husband is telling people not to search her on the Internet. I spent a lot of time and money on them and her, but that doesn’t entitle me to possession of their or her personal life. I still defended them against people being shitty about it, and would support them if they decided to come back. Same goes for Siyeon and Dreamcatcher now. It’s not that hard when you aren’t being creepy as shit about enjoying K-pop and the idol culture that comes with it.

Being a bit salty temporarily is understandable, I suppose, but caping for these unhinged rants by delusional, toxic, possessive fans? Nah, that’s a terrible status quo to be supporting, and normalizing those kinds of attitudes are what lead to the sasaeng shit that everybody disapproves of.

Anyway, prepare for even more ridiculous reaches of behavior deemed problematic by fans, surely somehow even worse than the so-called sexual harassment chest bumping. If it’s not already happened, then it’s certainly coming.


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