Ex-Wonder Girls Sunye reportedly returning to singing, in discussions with Polaris

Former Wonder Girls member Sunye has been out of the entertainment game since she got married back in 2013 and subsequently moved to Haiti to do missionary work in 2014. But I guess she’s had enough of that and is now rumored to be returning to the entertainment industry. Polaris Entertainment are said to be in discussions with her, so you know the arms trader defense contractor must be doing well.

On August 7, industry representatives reported that she is starting up activities again with Polaris Entertainment. She has reportedly already started filming for some programs. In response, Polaris Entertainment commented, “Regarding an exclusive contract with Sunye, [both sides] are positively considering.”

Technically though, she did already make inroads earlier this year on JTBC‘s ‘Stranger‘ talking about life in Haiti and moving to Canada. However, this appears to be the first indication that she wants to resume doing music.

Actually kind of interested to see what kind of music she ends up doing.


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