‘Produce 48’ dropped a midweek ranking update and shit is all fucked up again

After the shocking mess of a ranking that was shown on last week’s elimination episode of ‘Produce 48‘, they decided to drop the new rankings on everybody mid-week out of nowhere. The significance of this voting is that things were reset again back on August 3, and the amount of girls they could vote for was cut to two.

And, uh, hooo boy.

So apparently the wild movement from the last episode’s voting is gonna be a thing, cause there’s massive shifts again. Honestly, I really think if this Top 12 debuts it’s a flop waiting to happen, which is why Mnet probably decided to release this and “guide” viewers to a different outcome.

I already skipped voting for Miyawaki Sakura because I figured this would happen for her, but I know I’m using these results to change my votes from Yabuki Nako and Takeuchi Miyu to Park Hae Yoon and Heo Yun Jin. Then I’ll basically pray enough of their devoted stans don’t have the inclination to do the same.

Anyway, because I want to be a shit-stirrer, here’s my latest Top 12:


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