Seungri nails impersonations of the other Big Bang members during his solo concert

In a move that really just makes complete sense from Seungri, he took time during his solo concert, ‘The Great Seungri‘, to impersonate his fellow Big Bang members.


Taeyang: “As you all probably know, Taeyang feels a little bit like he’s copying foreign artists.

G-Dragon: “In G-Dragon’s case … how should I put it … he’s an artist. He’s very artistic. A lot of red. He brings out the motherly side of the audience and the fans. ‘Awww, Jiyong must be having a hard time!’

Daesung: “The mothers literally die. You come to his concert with your mother and … (Laughs)

TOP: “T.O.P hasn’t had a solo concert yet but he’s so detailed that he would do exceptionally well if he did. ‘Please put the lights over here. Make the videos more artistic. Red seems like a good color.’


The transcript is good enough by itself at times, but the video is definitely a necessity.

That said, what I really fucking need is that ‘YG FSO‘ show I’ve been hyping myself up for since February.


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