MBKE’s rejected trademark for ‘T-ara’ from June picked up by media, MBKE will try again

Back in June, it was revealed that MBK Entertainment‘s trademark application for ‘T-ara‘ had been rejected. Over a month later, the media in Korea has picked up on this and asked MBKE for a response.

“It is true that our trademark application for the name ‘T-ara’ was denied. However, we have a total of four opportunities to file an application, meaning we have three more chances to plead our case. We plan to submit another application after strengthening our case with more referential documents.”

So I was hopeful that MBKE wouldn’t drag this out, but of course we all knew better. They want that name because they want them royalties and they want to set an example, like every other company does, and they’ll try to drag this process out as long as possible. While I thought they only had one chance to appeal, they will have three, making this shit last even longer.

God I hope they lose, but MBKE obviously have more power, influence, and other stuff, so it definitely sucks to have to wait this out.


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