Woollim accused by blacklisted fansite of selling information on their artists to fans

A fansite for INFINITE member Sungjong, using the name @93springflowers on Twitter, has been blacklisted by and has recently gone off on Woollim Entertainment. In addition to accusing the company of treating Sungjong poorly, she also says the company sells information on their schedules to fans, including herself. I guess if she’s going down then she’s taking the company with her.

I believe it’s worth stressing that we consider the source and that nothing has been confirmed. But man, if it’s true, this is a horrendous look for Woollim, as it’s a literal encouragement of sasaeng behavior by fansites. Of course, the fansites themselves aren’t innocent of this, but I don’t think any of us were naive enough to believe they were anyway, but getting the shit straight from the company for monetary return is something else.

I’m skeptical we’ll ever get more details on this, but if we do, I’ll update.


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