Nine Muses’ anniversary fanmeeting had performances, games … and Keumjo molesting Sojin

Nine Muses recently had a fanmeeting for their eighth anniversary, and videos from that event have emerged, which I know because one of their fans sent all the shit to me in a tip. Hey, I’m not proud. If you want exposure for your faves and you write the damn article for me, fair play. Just a bonus that I love them anyway.

“Secret” & “Two Of Us”

“Living Person”


Photo Time

Sexy Dance

Amazingly, while I could not find a group version of them doing the random play dance, I did find their individual fancams.





For more individual fancams, go through to the fansite accounts.

Of course, the most important thing that happened is Keumjo‘s continued perving of Sojin while playing a game that basically allowed her to molest.


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