BTOB’s Sungjae hilariously responds to dating rumors in creative way, even Shannon says it’s mediaplay

BTOB‘s Sungjae has been caught up in dating rumors with DIA‘s Jooeun recently in the media, and though both Cube Entertainment and MBK Entertainment have denied them, he himself decided to take the extra step to clarify further to fans.

During a V Live broadcast with BTOB that was for Eunkwang‘s enlistment, the group noted they were shooting up search rankings. Pretending that it had nothing to do with the dating rumor, they celebrated and continued on.

Sungjae also took an exaggerated sip from his cup that showed a message on the bottom that basically read “don’t feed the trolls“.

Truly amazing.

Fortunately for them and him, netizens seem to be seeing through this as mediaplay.

No need to believe them or me though, even MBKE’s Shannon is on it. And I mean if she’s gonna like implode on Instagram every other day, might as well provide shit like this as well.

If you want to watch the whole exchange, it starts around 18:45.


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