Sulli posts support for comfort women day, now gets backlash from Japanese netizens

Sulli has done a good thing recently and used her reach of 4.3 million Instagram followers to bring attention to the upcoming day to honor comfort woman, which was decided to fall on August 14.

As a result, many Japanese fans of hers left nasty messages, and it was telling that even the measured comments completely missed the point. The rest aren’t even worth addressing, but this did strike me.

“It’s natural for a Korean like Sulli to think of the Japanese military sexual slavery problem. I don’t want to criticize her for posting this picture. However, you can’t assume that all Japanese are bad because Japanese soldiers did something wrong in the past. I also think that the old Japanese army was very bad. I’m angry too, but I don’t reflect on myself because I didn’t commit the crime.”

But where did she blame all living Japanese? It’s simply a matter of support for comfort women to call attention to an issue that persists because many in Japanese government positions continue to suggest there was no coercion involved and that has an impact on what the populace is educated about and what they believe. Like nobody is telling Japanese who have beliefs like theirs to personally take responsibility for the issue, but any frustration from them that comfort women keep coming up should be taken out on their government and not the people who simply call it out.

Like as an American citizen, if somebody calls out the country for its war crimes … well yeah, they’re probably right. I’m not going to get pissy at that person for saying it, as it’s the government foreign policy that’s the problem.


Anyway, Sulli can’t win no matter what. Just gets hate from somebody for everything. At least she just continues living life and collecting paychecks for being pretty and that’s her win, I suppose.


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