Meiqi & Xuanyi to split time between WJSN & Rocket Girls as Yuehua & Tencent settle contract dispute

After all the drama between Yuehua Entertainment (and Maverick Entertainment) and Tencent about the status of Meiqi and Xuanyi in WJSN and Rocket Girls (and Zining), it turns out that lawsuits and all that won’t be necessary after all and that they’ll all be returning to Rocket Girls from ‘Produce 101 China

Additionally, Yuehua claims that Meiqi and Xuanyi will be splitting time between WJSN and Rocket Girls.

This only makes sense, right? I mean, it never made sense for Yuehua to pull them out completely to begin with. Like even putting aside it not making sense legally if Tencent had ironclad legal contracts for exclusivity, it was silly for Yuehua to pull two secondary members of a 13-member group from a group that’s a bigger deal and in which their idols are the centers and stars. Still not sure exactly what they were thinking.

Now mainly I want to know what the hell concessions were made behind closed doors that this was settled so quickly. If it’s true that Meiqi and Xuanyi will promote with WJSN, then it certainly seems like a compromise from both sides rather than Tencent running over Yuehua with a car in discussions. Then again, that press release could be just so that Yuehua is allowed to save face. Either way, I’m glad for Meiqi and Xuanyi because this surely is a boon to their individual careers if nothing else.


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