Somi has left JYP Entertainment, which makes you wonder what the hell happened

JYP Entertainment released a shock statement today, announcing that Somi of ‘Produce 101‘ and IOI fame has left the company and they have mutually agreed to terminate their contract with her.

“Hello, this is JYP Entertainment. JYP Entertainment has spoken with our artist Jeon Somi and come to a mutual agreement to terminate her exclusive contract. We want to sincerely thank our artist and her fans who have been with us till now. Thank you.”

Uh … what? Honestly, this is just bizarre news to see.

I thought most figured Somi would either go solo or just wait around for a bit until JYPE did a new girl group, perhaps spearheading it with Shin Ryujin. Not sure what is going on now. Perhaps something happened and the relationship between the two soured, perhaps JYPE has zero plans for her and decided to allow her to seek opportunities outside the company, or perhaps she’s just done with all this. It’s hard to say. It’s just shocking news because it’s not like she was a trainee, as she actually signed a contract with JYPE, and given her star power it’s rare that they would just let somebody like this bounce.


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