Hate Me Now: Don’t be thirsty over celebs or you’re the same as a criminal, apparently

So some people pointed out comments on Netizen Buzz dedicated to Asian Junkie and its readers recently, basically complaining about how much we all suck. There were typical criticisms made about us, and also bullshit thrown out by trolls that are terrible people (who frequently change accounts) which mainly proved my point about how netizens just believe shit without researching anything. Whatever, people can hate the site and bitter banned trolls will always rage elsewhere.

What struck me was the highest upvoted reply, however, as it seemed like a reasonable person who made an odd accusation of hypocrisy.

Huh? How is this hypocritical? Thirsting over celebrities while being critical of crimes is not allowed?

It’s hard to understand equivocating people lusting over idols or making “CHOKE ME OPPAR”/”STEP ON ME UNNIR” type of comments and people either committing sexual crimes or criticizing those who do.

People are weird.


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