‘PD48’/AKB48’s Miyazaki Miho reportedly shopping for Korean agency, which makes a lot of sense

Produce 48‘ contestant Miyazaki Miho of AKB48 is currently ranked #1 on the show in the latest revealed rankings, and that has apparently spurred her to pursue a Korean company.


That tweet contains just about all the relevant information about the story, though it does exclude that there was a rumor a major agency (JYP Entertainment?) made an offer to her, saying that the company denied it.

Regardless, this makes sense, actually. She’s sort of a Koreaboo anyway, and she’s also 25 and hasn’t been ranked prominently in the elections for six years running now. So why not try to make name for herself in Korea instead?

Given the track record of solo activities of graduated AKS members that were much more popular than her, she isn’t even risking much by trying this out.


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