Nicki Minaj features on alternate version of BTS’s “IDOL”, which is an … interesting choice

When BTS sent out a tweet praising Nicki Minaj‘s ‘Queen‘ album that was complete with links to buy, people wondered what was going on and if a collab would happen. Well, it turns out things were definitely going in that direction as they reached out to Nicki and she agreed to appear on “IDOL“.

According to an article published in he Seoul Economic Daily, BTS reached out to the Queen rapper after completing Love Yourself: Answer, and she accepted their offer to appear as a featured singer.

So that’s cool, I guess.

That said, it’s hard to ignore the timing of this, which is … not the best considering the push of their socially-conscious image and stuff like campaigns to end violence against children.

After all, in the recent past Nicki has supported her brother that was convicted of sexually assaulting a child, while recently she’s been going all out on defending 6ix9ine (who pled guilty to sexual misconduct involving a child) and bizarrely shouted out Margaret Thatcher on radio to which somebody else made a better reply than I ever could.

Nicki’s meltdown over Travis Scott beating her on the charts was just funny, but the rest is certainly not.


Regardless, I doubt most fans of BTS will care, because Nicki herself maintains a huge following and relevancy despite the aforementioned mess that’s been in the news recently. It also doesn’t even really impact what I think of BTS themselves, as if I disliked everybody who ever worked with somebody that did anything problematic there wouldn’t be anything left to enjoy. Guess it just sucks to see their association with Nicki given what they’re standing for socially, and I really don’t think BTS needed this at all.


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