SHA SHA’s Wan Lin to go on hiatus after fainting due to ‘decreased blood flow to her brain’

Wan Lin of SHA SHA made headlines recently after passing out during the group’s comeback showcase for ‘What The Heck‘. In the update that immediately followed, the agency did say that she regained consciousness but were waiting on a diagnosis for the problem. Major Entertainment has now announced that Wan Lin would have to take a hiatus for her health.

“The official diagnosis she received was that she fainted due to decreased blood flow to her brain. Wanlin will be undergoing additional medical examinations and treatment in order to get a full understanding of her current physical condition and to ensure she does not suffer any additional complications.”

Yeah, this is why you don’t want to immediately jump to mediaplay as an explanation after stuff like this happens, cause this sounds terrible. Obviously not a doctor, but it honestly seems like a stroke or something. I assume it’s not that serious and that the statements wouldn’t be so nonchalant if it were, but who knows with companies. Really hope it’s not as bad as it sounds and things get back to normal for her soon.

While Wan Lin is recovering, the company said they’ll promote as five members.


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