‘Produce 48’ Episode 11: Everything is terrible as 10 contestants eliminated

While I probably could’ve done my recap for episode 11 yesterday, the elimination obliterated my ideal Top 12 and ‘Produce 48‘ is dead to me!!!!!

Or something dramatic.

Watch Episode 11 Here


Intros! Cute!

Alright, let’s cut the shit and get to the rankings/eliminations.

Produce 48 Episode 11 – 3rd Elimination Ranking from Produce48

Actually, this could’ve gone significantly worse for my Top 12, but I did lose who I thought was the best on the show from my previous rankings.

What a fucking waste, honestly. Heo Yunjin better be added to PRISTIN or some shit and not be relegated to whatever dungeon Kaeun was put in.

At least they made the right choices with Miyawaki Sakura and Park Haeyoon.

So much crying!

Honestly though, at this point I should just be thankful that half of my Top 12 didn’t get axed, even though given the rankings of some of them that definitely seems to be coming when they finalize the group. Speaking of rankings, here’s mine after episode 11.

The others who I wouldn’t mind getting in are Choi Yena, Kang Hyewon, and Shiroma Miru.


Anyway, there were actually other things going on, like proving that charades with Korean and Japanese contestants is an interesting dynamic.

And trying to put makeup on other contestants after doing the spinning thing.

The best part about those clips is that they were done right before the eliminations. So like Mnet was trying to get you as emotionally attached to everybody before they shot them right in front of you with no remorse.

Oh yeah, remember to not read the comments … but also here are the comments.

Finally, and I can’t find a clip for it, but during the episode Takeuchi Miyu fans got what they wanted in more screen time. Unfortunately, uh, she’s being edited to look greedy by gunning for the main vocal spot, which is a lot reminiscent of the Yabuki Nako/Heo Yunjin bullshit that left the latter eliminated. The good news for Miyu? She’s a lot more popular that Haeyoon, so the fandom backlash shouldn’t be as great. Well … assuming she doesn’t fuck it up.


Boycott update!

Ratings declined from 2.6% to 2.4%, which is not the direction they want to go. I’m sure a bunch of factors will be cited, but judging by the comments, fatigue of survival shows like this does seem to have played a role.

Aside from that, I’m not sure it honestly matters all that much in terms of their success. They’re relevant enough to the public and as long as they have contestants like Sakura in the group, I’m sure the stans will show out.


As far as the other clips from the show go … the concept evaluation at double the pace? Sure.

M Countdown (180823) Concept Evaluation 2x Speed Live Performances from Produce48

Also, apparently this is everybody performing “Pick Me” in Japan? For what, I’m not sure.


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