Kyulkyung set to make solo debut in China with “Why”, which leaves PRISTIN … somewhere

Kyulkyung of PRISTIN (???) has released teaser pictures for her solo debut in China with “Why“.

The picture teasers and video clip aren’t the news as much as the implications the solo debut in China might have for PRISTIN. For such a hyped girl group out of the gate, Pledis Entertainment has now gone a whole year without a group comeback, instead debuting a unit in Pristin V that didn’t do any better than the main group. Now Kyulkyung is off to China for who knows how long and Kyla is still MIA somewhere.

Of course, it’s not a big deal if this really is just a temporary foray for Kyulkyung and the focus for her and the company is still on PRISTIN at large. Maybe we laugh it off as pointless worry in a year, but given the history of idols who seek relevance in China and the history of Pledis managing the careers of girl groups, it’s hard to have confidence in their plan unless they do something like announce a PRISTIN comeback in the near future.


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