‘Produce 48’ Episode 12: What the shit just happened?

The live finale of ‘Produce 48‘ came on episode 12 … and I have no idea what the fuck I just witnessed. Mnet wild as fuck.

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Honestly, you don’t even need to wait for the episode to be subtitled or whatever, because the rankings are obviously what’s relevant here. Still, we can start from the beginning.

All 20 remaining contestants gave a “Pick Me” performance.

Then they revealed the name of the group as IZ ONE, which sounds like the rejected name of an Apple product.

Like really?

In practice, all of them got a chance at center.

Not much else was going on, but yeah, this was one of the best moments of the series.

They then did the debut performances of “We Together” and “You’re In Love Aren’t You“, along with “While Dreaming“.

Okay cool.

But really, who gives a fuck? The rankings are what we came for. Oh my god, the rankings.

Episode 12 (Finale) Vote Ranking from Produce48


Mnet got everybody good. What in the everliving fuck is this? I mean, I guess it truly continued the theme of this series having significant and seemingly random movement. You’re telling me that many people all of a sudden cared about some of the contestants to one-pick them? Come on.

It’s … something.

Anyway, it was cute when early on people whined non-stop about talent and shit. Cause that definitely mattered in the end, right?

How are people receiving it? Well, in the chat, people went with ‘FLOPZONE’ and ‘IFLOP’. While in places of discussion, mods are busy reminding people that Mnet rigged it and not the contestants, so make sure to not take it out on them. Always promising!

Murakawa Bibian was right yet again.

Honestly though, it makes me wonder if this will pay off for Mnet. The public was already showing far less interest in the group, and now they’ve surely pissed off the fandoms as well. I dunno if it makes sense, man.

The only good part about this is people are gonna be royally fucking pissed and the messy jokes/memes to come are gonna be great. So in a way, I guess I got what I wanted.


Boycott update!

3.1% for the finale, definitely a season high.



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