LAYSHA’s Goeun denies noise marketing, says source of hidden cameras found

Following the hidden camera incident where LAYSHA members spoke out against an invasion of privacy, many netizens accused them of doing noise marketing. However, leader Goeun stepped forward to clarify things.

She started by expressing disappointment at how people treated the group after it made the news and denies noise marketing claims.

“I’m Goeun of LAYSHA, a four-member girl group who began promoting since 2015. I’m writing this to deliver some additional information regarding the hidden camera crime. I deleted my previous post and wrote a new one. After uploading my message yesterday, I received tons of comments and direct messages. At the same time, the incident spread on the internet and on public TV networks. Although I knew there would be people like this, I feel hurt to see so many people straightforwardly asking if this is just noise marketing. Some people around me ask if [the situation] got worse after I disclosed the truth, but no, it didn’t. With each member of LAYSHA, they are LAYSHA members and members of society, but they are also their parents’ precious daughters, so I thought it was just a claim for basic human rights. Like I said in the previous post, we were determined that the perpetuator would begin to reflect and wake up, and that there wouldn’t be any more victims after exposing the truth. However, I find the fact that some people just looked at the sensational photos and words and did not see anything else as killing the victim twice.”

She then once again exonerates their agency JS Entertainment from wrongdoing.

“In addition, there were many people who were suspicious of our agency JS ENT. due to the camera angle or location. The previous post was posted after being checked many times, and because of many inquiries and public sentiment about this situation, our CEO and staff are having an incredibly hard time due to the company communication system being tied up. JS Ent. I’m here to say that those people have nothing to do with this situation, so please stop commenting with rumors and contacting them with malicious comments.”

She then says that a web variety show they filmed previously were the ones behind it.

“Furthermore, we’ve confirmed that the team from a certain ‘web variety’ show we filmed in the past placed the small cameras in various places, filmed us, and maliciously spread [the videos]. They did not notify us beforehand that they would film our bodies or that type of mature content. We didn’t know it was that type of program at all, because we merely wanted to film with the concept of showing fans LAYSHA’s everyday lives.”

She concludes by saying that they’ll be going after them legally.

“We will confirm the validity of this situation with the related person in charge and proceed with their sure punishment according to the procedure. As notified before, through a lawful method. We’re so thankful to everyone who took their precious time to worry about us and care about the situation that we don’t know what to do. We promise we will become a stronger LAYSHA from now on, and we thank each and every person who read this long message.”

Many appear to still be skeptical. On one hand, I sort of understand because the clarification doesn’t exactly do as intended since it kinda raises further questions, especially of their company. On the other hand, I don’t find what they’re saying hard to believe. Ironically, people don’t believe them because of their sexy image, but that brand makes their case convincing in a way. Because obviously they have no problem being filmed in revealing clothing if they do that in public, so it goes to reason that a lack of their consent is why they’re upset. If that’s the correct reading of the situation, then hopefully they get their justice in court.


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