Conan O’Brien is headed to Japan as a part of his feud with the town based on ‘Detective Conan’

Conan O’Brien has a history with Asian entertainment, as he previously visited Korea with Steven Yeun and even did a music collab with JYP. Now he’s getting into it with Japan, as he recently filmed a segment in which he accused ‘Detective Conan‘ of profiting off his name, demanding three trillion yen in compensation.

Well obviously that made its way overseas, and the mayor of Conan Town (Matsumoto Akio) issued a statement in response telling him to come visit if he wants his money. Conan then replied on air, saying that he’ll do so but only if they meet his demands.

The mayor responded and agreed to give him the power he wants, but he countered with demands of his own, including his face on Mount Rushmore, a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, and 15,000 hamburgers so that each resident of Conan Town could have one. Conan responded, saying he too will fulfill those requests, and that he’ll be coming to Japan this week.

Obviously this was all planned out beforehand to give Conan an excuse to head off to Japan, but nobody cares as long as we get remotes, which are usually by far the best part of his show.


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