Ladies’ Code do live performance of “I’m Fine Thank You” with sign language, dedicated to Eunbi & Rise

To commemorate four years since the passing of Eunbi and Rise, Ladies’ Code participated in a sign language live for Dingo Music of their song “I’m Fine Thank You“, which topped the charts after the tragedy.

At the end of the video, handwritten messages from Sojung, Zuny, and Ashley are shown.

Sojung wrote, “You are doing well, right? Eat everything you want there! Let’s meet again. Come visit my dreams,” while Zuny’s message says, “Unnies~ Live happily there, and don’t worry about us. I won’t forget and will always remember you. I love you.” The message from Ashley reads, “Ladies’ Code is forever five. Always and forever together in our hearts.. Rise, EunB, I love you.”

Hard to believe it’s been four years already. Also quite amazing that Ladies’ Code themselves had a song that was basically perfect for what happened.


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