Somi will reportedly not sign with new agency for now, will let dad manage her instead

After the shocking departure of Somi from JYP Entertainment, many wondered what was next. Well according to recent reports, she won’t be signing with an agency, but she won’t be quitting the industry either. Instead, her father will manage her.

According to reports on September 4, Jeon So Mi won’t be signing with a new label in the near future, and her father Matthew Douma will be managing her schedule and promotions for now. Though she’s received a number of offers from various labels, it seems they’ve decided to wait to make a decision. It’s also still unknown why Jeon So Mi terminated her contract with JYPE. One insider stated, “Jeon So Mi already has a fandom, and she showed strong skills in dance and singing while promoting with IOI. She’s a celebrity that producers would want. However, it’s important why her contract with JYPE was canceled.”

I assume this decision will not help squash the thought that he’s a stage dad. And honestly, you really hope this doesn’t go down the wrong path in terms of being mismanaged considering her career path appeared to be that of a star.


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