Solji will be making her official return to EXID on September 7 in Singapore

Banana Culture confirmed that Solji would be officially returning to EXID for a festival in Singapore. Of course, previously she’s already participated in the group’s Japanese debut, so it’s not all that surprising but it’s nice to get official word.

On September 6, the group’s agency Banana Culture stated, “EXID will be flying to Singapore on September 7 to attend the ‘2018 Hallyu Pop Festival.’ This will be Solji’s first official schedule.”

As far as any risk to her health, Solji did address that.

The EXID member also recently held a V Live session, where she shared, “There is a risk of relapse, but I have made a full recovery. I’ve been preparing to return by practicing choreography and such.”

Getting her off ‘King Of Mask Singer is going to be the true obstacle.


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