Sunye (ex-Wonder Girls) loses to Solji on ‘King Of Mask Singer’, people get mad she’s back

As fans suspected, Sunye was indeed a contestant on ‘King Of Mask Singer‘.

After winning her first round matchup on the previous episode, Sunye performed Lee Juck‘s “It’s Fortunate” for the second round, beating Kim Tae Hyung of Click B.

In the third round, she sang Park Hyo Shin‘s “Breath” and prevailed over Park Aeri.

However, she then got blowed up by the current Mask King (who is all but confirmed as EXID‘s SoljiEXID), who sang Insooni‘s “Father“.

That forced her into an identity reveal, where she confirmed what fans figured all along.

A perfectly timed comeback to the industry that coincides with new of her signing with Polaris Entertainment.


Of course, it drew hate from netizens (1/2). Predictably, I don’t quite agree.

As far as the missionary work, my only issue is that she’s said some iffy stuff about the reasons for her missionary work and I agree with people who think that was gross, but that’s not even what people have taken issue with on that topic. In terms of ability, I doubt anybody ever claimed Sunye was untalented until she left the industry and her image nosedived, as evidenced by the fact that she was a step away from being Mask King. Also while I understand at the time how she seemed selfish to re-sign while being married, pregnant, and going on an extended mission, it’s weird to me that people are blaming Sunye for ruining Wonder Girls when in reality they continued on just fine and released some of their best work (and Sohee left as well).

I guess I’m saying that while I understand not wanting to sing her praises from the heavens anymore, she gets comments like she ran somebody down with her car while drunk and it’s kinda overboard.


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