HKT48’s Murakawa Bibian fails to turn off broadcast, reveals salary, furthers her legend

Murakawa Bibian, HKT48 member and ‘Produce 48‘ legend, made news recently after forgetting to turn off one of her broadcasts and talking candidly about her earnings.

After saying her goodbyes to fans, she appears to fiddle with the camera, and assuming her broadcast is over she drops the idol act and talks candidly with her mother.

Bibian: “So all I have to do to get 16,000 yen is stream a video like that.
Mom: “If you do 10 a month, it’s the same as your monthly salary.
Bibian: “What?! Seriously? That’d totally be like getting a bonus!

In a nice twist, fans were not upset at her or anything. In fact, most seemed to find it endearing more than anything. That’s good, cause the only scandal here is that her monthly salary is apparently ~$1500.

No Bibian slander permitted.


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