KNK terminates contract with company, Youjin leaves group, YNB Entertainment is … sorta dead

KNK has terminated their contracts with YNB Entertainment due to issues with the agency, according to a report.

One representative commented, “YNB has been experiencing difficulties due to management problems, so the contracts with KNK have been terminated although there is time left until they expire.”

A source from YNB Entertainment confirmed the reports and added that KNK is now searching for a new agency.

But while member Youjin has elected to leave the group, and he had to take a break earlier this year due to panic disorder, the rest of the members will reportedly carry on with the team.

The representative continued, “Kim Youjin, who is not in good health, has decided to leave the group after discussion. The other members have strong will to promote, so they have agreed to continue on with the team.”

Youjin leaving is obviously a negative aspect, but other than that, this is probably a blessing for the other four. No idea what YNBE is doing at the moment, but with BESTie essentially done and now KNK gone, I’m not sure what else they have left. And I mean that literally because I went to check their website to find out who they had left and it doesn’t work anymore.


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