Yenny was sued & investigated over father’s fraud, company denies any involvement

Former Wonder Girls member Yenny had been named in reports that claimed she was sued for fraud and investigated by the police. This stemms from the cases against her father, who was a pastor and is now serving a sentence of six years after he was convicted of scamming ~$17 million from ~150 members of his church (he’s also being investigated for sexual assault, which he has denied). Yenny’s company, Amoeba Culture, has responded, confirming that she was sued and investigated, but also saying that she has nothing to do with her father.

“It is true that Yeeun was sued for fraud, and that she was investigated by the police. She is in no way involved in the incident, and in order to prove her innocence, she faithfully cooperated with the police in their investigations. We apologize for all of the controversy due to her father.”

When this emerged over a year ago, it was clarified that Yenny’s parents divorced and she has not been in contact with him for a decade. Going through her history as a celebrity before any of this emerged, that seemed to be supported as he’s never seen or mentioned. Regardless, it’s being claimed that Yenny was involved in the scams.

In the latest charges brought forth in March this year, the victims are claiming that the pastor and his daughter, Yeeun, deceived the churchgoers under the ruse of an entertainment business. Investigation regarding this case is still ongoing.

It’s hard to judge the validity of the claims against Yenny given that nothing yet has come of them. If it emerges that she was indeed a part of her father’s schemes, then she obviously deserves the landslide of backlash that’ll come her way. For now though, all we know is that there’s a trail of evidence which suggests Yenny’s father has indeed not been involved in her life for a long time, much less that they were working together intimately on a scam. Thus, just like when this initially cropped up, Yenny’s side of things still makes sense.


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