Solji impressively drubbed Park Ki Young to retain the crown on ‘King Of Mask Singer’

As you should be aware by now, Solji of EXID is the reigning Mask King, having already won the title and then defended it once on ‘King Of Mask Singer‘. However, her latest victim was perhaps her most impressive, as she not only beat widely-lauded singer Park Ki Young, but she blew her out of the water with her rendition of Lee Jeong Bon‘s “How Are You“.

The score? 80-19. Surprising.

No matter what she does, I think I’ll always first think back to the video that introduced me to Park Ki Young (and others).

Anyway, so like … at some point Solji’s gonna forfeit so EXID can have their Korean comeback, right? Cause like it seems like she got even better while on hiatus and if they let her roll in earnest, I’m not sure we’ll ever see EXID again.


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