Yenny talks about father’s fraud, admits attempting to reconcile but denies involvement

Following Amoeba Culture‘s statement admitting that Yenny had been sued and investigated in connection with her father’s fraud but denying that she was involved in any way, Yenny herself decided to make a statement giving her side of the story to eDaily.


Yenny begins by saying she would not be so foolish to participate in fraud and then expands on her family history and relationship with her father.

Yeeun talked about her painful family history and how her parents had gotten divorced when she was 12 years old. Her father got remarried three years later, and she had grown up without being in touch with father. She explained, “Ever since I could remember, because of my father’s extramarital affairs, my parents were divorced. I have an uncomfortable relationship with my father to the point where I’ve never even called him ‘father.’” She continued, “When my sister got married in 2012, our family members inevitably had to speak to my father. Afterwards, he continued to reach out to me, saying, ‘I miss you, I’m sorry.’ I forgave him for a while, and we kept talking, but eventually the anger between us would explode again, and we would cut each other out. This process kept repeating. I had no idea that the few short times I forgave my father would become such a huge situation.”

So she admits to having started multiple attempts to reconcile in 2012, but ultimately things continued to not work out. She also admits to meeting with him at a cafe with a producer and three clients, but denies that she had any knowledge that it was related to his fraud.

Regarding a report that she participated in a business information session held by her father, she commented, “I have never participated and can promise that this is not a lie.” Her father continuously asked her to introduce him to a producer to prepare for an entertainment business, so she introduced a producer to him and three clients at a cafe once. She continued, “I only introduced the producer, and it was not a business information session. Also if I had known that it was for a situation related to fraud, I would not have met them and would have cut off contact with my father immediately.”

Yenny then says she’s ashamed that her name was used for her father’s fraud and that she and her family have cut him out of their lives now.

Yeeun shed tears as she talked about the victims of fraud and sexual assault. She expressed, “My heart hurts so much. They have been through a lot more pain than I have. If my name was used for fraud without my knowing, I’m even more ashamed.” She concluded by saying, “I cannot ever forgive my father for being under charges of committing fraud and sexual assault. My family and I have promised, ‘We will no longer contact my father.’ Though it hurts my heart, I am not involved in this case. With a clear conscience, I will endure the investigation and earnestly face it.”

Since an investigation is being conducted, it seems prudent to wait until further details emerge. For now though, I do think her side of things sounds most realistic, especially the part about the attempted reconciliations. Of course, it’s inevitably more suspicious that she met his clients compared to if she had never had contact with him at all, but it only becomes an issue to me if it turns out this wasn’t what happened.


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