[Update] HyunA & Pentagon’s E’Dawn booted from Cube, learned about it from news, company continues to change mind

Soloist HyunA and Pentagon‘s E’Dawn have been kicked out from Cube Entertainment, according to a company statement. Obviously the news comes after the pair announced that they were in a relationship.

On September 13, the agency revealed through an official statement, “Cube Entertainment has decided to remove HyunA and E’Dawn [from the company].” The statement continues, “When managing our artists, the company has worked with faith and trust in each other as the main priority. After much discussion, the judgment was made that it is not possible to recover the faith with the two artists HyunA and E’Dawn, so their removal has been decided.” “We sincerely thank the two artists and their fans who have been with us until now,” Cube Entertainment concludes.

I figured that the couple were already being punished by their company in some way and that it may continue for a bit, but I didn’t think this would be the eventual outcome.

While the statement doesn’t explicitly say so, it essentially confirms that the couple went around Cube to tell the press they were dating, and I guess Cube has decided to use them to send a message that you don’t contradict Big Brother.

Regardless, this is shockingly disloyal to HyunA in particular, as she played an integral role in the company existing as we know it, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by Cube after what they did to BEAST.


Going forward it should be interesting to see whether either of them are given another shot in the industry or if they get black balled.

Update 1

HyunA and E’Dawn reportedly had to learn about them being kicked out from the media.


Update 2

Now Cube is continuing to flip back-and-forth on this, and you can get further updates here.


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