[Update] Cube indecision on HyunA/E’Dawn due to shareholder anger, situation to be resolved next week

In an Asian Junkie first, I could not continue updating the original news story on HyunA and Pentagon‘s E’Dawn getting booted from Cube Entertainment due to the hilarious fact that the company has changed their mind so many times that the title was getting too long. Remarkable.

Anyway, so the thing that started everything was the shocking official statement from Cube saying that both HyunA and E’Dawn were kicked out. Then it was reported that both of them were not informed of their removal by Cube themselves, rather through media reports. So okay, Cube was being petty as hell then. Fine.

As it turns out though, that was only where the mess got started. Despite Cube releasing an official statement (I can’t stress this enough) on the matter, company executives then stepped in to tell the media that nothing was final yet and that things were still in discussion.

What a mess.

So I guess that’s reasonable even if incompetent, but then shortly later it was reported that Cube switched stances again and that there was no turning back on their decision to boot the couple.


Surely, SURELY, that was it, right? No.

As of now, and after I waited about an hour to make sure nothing else came out, the latest is that the CEO of Cube (Shin Dae Nam) has made a statement denying that a decision has been finalized and that this will drag into at least next week.

Shin Dae Nam, the head of Cube Entertainment, stated, “HyunA and E’Dawn’s removal from the agency is a matter that is still being discussed and nothing is finalized. We believe that the artists’ opinion on the matter is important as well, and this is a matter in which we need to hear from them before making a final decision.” He emphasized, “Their removal is not a decided matter,” and said, “We will be holding a board of directors meeting next week to discuss this matter.”

There’s no telling what exactly to believe at this point. Cube have made official statements that contradict each other and have executives talking to the media contradicting each other, and it’s honestly impressive how Cube has apparently not been able to put out one consistent message about what exactly is going on.

Um, stay tuned for updates?



Reportedly, the reason for the flip-flopping is that investors were upset at Cube’s board over the unilateral decision to expel HyunA and E’Dawn from the company, so now they’re reconsidering.

While I’m usually skeptical about fans overreacting to the movement of stocks, apparently Cube got enough backlash to make them reconsider their stance.

Honestly though, I’m not sure how Cube can repair this bridge even if they wanted to.


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