Jiyoung clarifies that the witch hunt was indeed a witch hunt, is still close with Hara

Following an “issue” that was completely generated by the media and netizens, Jiyoung has denied that her posting a picture of popcorn was meant to indicate that she was taking pleasure in Hara‘s domestic violence incident. This is a thing she had to do.

After becoming the topic became a hot debate among netizens, a representative from Jiyoung’s Japanese label label Sweet Power was contacted for a response. The rep stated, “The photo has nothing to do with Hara’s case. We never even thought of such a thing, so it is befuddling. [Jiyoung and Hara] are still keeping in contact with each other. When Hara visits Japan, she contacts [Jiyoung] to meet up personally.”

Right … just as Jiyoung said months ago about her relationship with Hara.

Look man, this is a bigger reach than the time they tried to spread that Jiyoung was mocking the homeless when she was just shooting a music video while in character for her ‘Orphan Black‘ drama.

Like okay, she didn’t want to do aegyo for a panel of men years ago, get over it.


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