Jiyoung somehow gets dragged into Hara’s incident due to a picture of popcorn

With Hara recently being involved in a domestic violence incident with her ex, people have now tried to drag her former group mate Jiyoung instead, all because she put a picture of popcorn on her Instagram Stories.

Media and netizens are using this as evidence that Jiyoung is like thrilled or something that Hara is suffering, and also that all the KARA members hate each other.

It’s weird narrative to reach for since even years after the group broke up, at least Hara and Nicole have happily reunited with Jiyoung, and Jiyoung herself has said like two months ago that all the members keep in contact. Hell, she even singled out Hara is the one she’s closest with because Hara’s in Japan often (where Jiyoung frequently works), and she also still follows her on Instagram and shit.

She said, “We all still get along very well and we still share a group chatroom. It’s been a while since we last met because we’re all so busy, but we’ve consistently stayed in contact with each other.” When asked how the other members feel about Kang Ji Young making her mark as an actress in Japan, she replied, “They keep telling me how proud they are. Park Gyuri‘s nickname for me is ‘baby’ and she said, ‘Baby, you’re so amazing.’ It felt great hearing that from her.” She also shared how she meets up often with Goo Hara in Japan and added, “She’ll tell me what hotel she’s staying at and I’ll always go over there and hang out with her.”

I’m not saying to believe everything celebrities make public, I’m saying that stuff is just a tad more substantive than using a picture of popcorn to infer that she’s happy her former group member got seriously hurt. You know … MAYBE. Just spit-balling here.


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