Netizen Buzz covers K-netz reacting to old info on Hara’s case, I-netz react like it’s new info

Netizen Buzz recently published an article on Hara‘s domestic violence incident, which seemed to promise new information that Hara was at fault and Dispatch lied, at least according to the comments left by Korean netizens.

1. [+1,464, -281] So Dispatch got caught lying again. They wrote their article saying Goo Hara’s bruises from her IV drips were from being assaulted ㅋㅋ Dispatch got caught last time lying for Yewon and yet they’re still lying ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Dispatch also claimed that the man trespassed into Goo Hara’s home but they were actually living together ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Until when is Dispatch going to joke around like this?
2. [+834, -162] The man’s face was wrecked and given three weeks of hospitalization. Goo Hara’s face is fine and was given one week of hospitalization. We can already tell what happened ㅋ I’ve never seen anyone claim to be assaulted and yet look so fine… Who hits anyone on the knees? How do you even hit someone on the ankles? ㅎㅎ Goo Hara’s bruises were obviously from herself going crazy. They were definitely not bruises from being hit.
3. [+756, -354] Fact is that the third man is someone Goo Hara’s boyfriend didn’t want her seeing and yet she lied to her boyfriend to go eat a meal with the other guy. I don’t see anything good that Goo Hara did in this situation.
4. [+167, -17] For all the money she made for how little talent she has, you would think she’d spend her life doing good deeds for others
5. [+112, -17] The media should stay out of using their Katalk messages. A lot of the content has been cut out and obviously edited in a way to make the boyfriend seem like he verbally abused her. There’s definitely something going on with Goo Hara and another guy and yet she’s shaping her boyfriend out to be an obsessed psycho with these texts

Wow, so the medical records were faked after all? Texts exonerating him were released? Surprising, but I guess I was wrong.

Or at least I was thinking that until I actually clicked on the source article, which was just a restating of what we already knew because it was literally just information taken from the Dispatch article. Everybody following this case was already aware there was a third man involved that Hara met with her manager, and it was Dispatch who revealed that and also revealed the text exchange about it between Hara and her ex. There’s not only no information refuting Hara’s side of things, it’s just an article rehashing a portion of Dispatch’s article, one that was integral to Hara’s claims as to why the ex flipped out at her and came over.

So basically, international netizens on NB are reading malicious comments left by Korean netizens on an article with no new news, assuming that it’s proof a new twist has emerged, and are reacting as if everything they’re reading is factual.


I feel like this is a major issue with netizen reaction sites being used as a primary source and not as a complementary one to translations of the articles themselves. Especially true when it comes to serious issues like this.


Anyway, I’m all for not taking Dispatch at their word, which is why when their initial report on this was released, I didn’t rush to judgment. However, the netizens here are using information provided by Dispatch to discredit Dispatch (which makes no sense in this context), and Dispatch’s most recent report is relevant only because it came with tangible evidence that was important to supporting her narrative and making his look questionable. Nothing else has emerged since.

So as I said after both sides to this came out, unless it’s found that the evidence presented was doctored or manipulated in some way, it’s hard to understand how one could see Hara as more of an aggressor than a victim based on what we know so far.


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