Hara’s ex admits to e-mailing Dispatch but denies her claims, both show up for questioning

Hara‘s ex has recently had the tides of public perception shift against him after Hara told her side of the domestic violence incident between them and provided a witness, pictures of her injuries and the damage, and a motive for the ex to lie.

While the ex had previously been quite forthcoming in regards to the incident, he didn’t have much to say while talking to the media at police questioning other than making rather vague and broad denials of her claims.

To the press, Choi explained why he decided to participate in the police investigation and said, “I came to clear up the lies in the Dispatch report and the exam results from an obstetrician and orthopedist.”

In an interview with My Daily, Choi was asked, “Is there anything you’re upset about?” He replied, “It’s upsetting how the relationship with the person I was the closest to has turned bad,” and added, “It’s unfortunate how the untruthful parts have turned as if they’re the truth.” When asked if he has been contacted by Hara, Choi answered, “I haven’t received any direct contact from her.” He also emphasized that the assault was not two-sided and stated he properly engaged in the police investigation.

Well he did that and admitted that he did send the e-mails to Dispatch.

While talking with Chosun Ilbo, Choi admitted to sending the emails to Dispatch, however, claimed some of Hara’s statements are lies.


Honestly, I don’t think he’s doing himself any favors in terms of getting people to believe him when he shows up to an interview with an IV drip for the only injuries he has mentioned in the facial scratches.

Like come on.

Hara also showed up for police questioning, still sporting her injuries five days later, which kind of figures given the extent of the damage. She didn’t say much to the press, basically just telling them to wait for the results of the police investigation.


I dunno, man. Like even if we believe that she went after him, unless he can show she’s fabricating the injuries, I’m not sure how the force of his response would be appropriate.


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