Comment Of The Day: BTS isn’t your favorite group? Well you aren’t smart enough to get them!

Hello everybody, it’s been a while since I’ve seen something that motivated me to do a Comment Of The Day, and I hesitate to do something BTS-centric because inevitably the comments will turn into people annoying me with long arguments about “not all BTS stans” versus “yes all BTS stans”. However, I hope we can all come together and laugh at this shit, because it is truly something special.


As you recall, BTS made an appearance at the 73rd United Nations General Assembly today, and it was legit something to be proud of for sure. On Reddit’s sub for K-pop it received ~2500 upvotes and is still at the top of the sub despite being 13 hours old.

That however, was not enough for one user, who I had to make sure was somewhat serious. At least enough to be around for over a year and have relatively sane posts elsewhere, so if it’s a troll then it’s a dedicated one. Either way, it’s funny as hell to read something that could easily become a copypasta.

The best part? Whether they are trolling or not, they got a couple others to agree with them.

So remember kiddos, if you don’t like BTS, the reality is simply that you’re too fucking stupid to understand them.


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