Fans of The Boyz call for removal of New & Sunwoo from group, Cre.Ker responds

The Boyz members New and Sunwoo are under fire from their own fans, who are asking for the duo to be removed from the group under allegations that they made misogynistic posts on social media in the past as well as being rude on a recent V Live broadcast.


The group of fans claims both of them made shitty comments about women sometime in the past, and despite the agency being notified before, nothing happened.

“In the past, the two members in question made inappropriate posts on their [social media], ridiculing women. As members of the Boyz, who receive so much interest and support from a largely female fandom, this cannot be seen as appropriate behavior … Moreover, when the controversy about the posts first arose in the online community, the fans clearly notified the agency as well as the members that this could become an issue. However, both Cre.ker and the two members reacted complacently, and it has developed into a situation that is greatly affecting The Boyz’s image.”

The origins of the allegations against New are unclear at the moment, but Top Star News reports they found an exchange that involves Sunwoo that could relate to the allegations against him.

Under a question that says, “If you could have a pet abroad, what do you want to have?” the answer, allegedly written by Sunwoo, states, “A foreign woman [laughter].” Similarly, the second post asks, “What kind of pet do you want to raise?” and the answer says, “A woman [laughter].”

As far as the V Live controversy goes, they’re upset about their attitudes, basically.

“The two members in question, in a V Live broadcast viewed by fans all over the world, displayed high-handed behavior toward the other members of The Boyz, appearing to disregard them. As a result, the fans who were watching felt unease. Moreover, in the same broadcast, New claimed that he didn’t remember any of the V Live broadcasts that the group did from five months before the group’s debut. … With this, he greatly disappointed the fans. Apart from the broadcast mentioned above, the two members have a history of disappointing their fans, and the fans have expressed this concern several times.”

Cre.Ker Entertainment has responded to the fans, issuing an apology and saying they’re looking into the complaints.

“Hello. This is Cre.Ker Entertainment. First, thank you again to all of the fans who care for The Boyz. With a heavy heart, we are aware of the matters that fans are concerned about regarding The Boyz. Through continuous conversation, we are intensively and thoroughly looking into the criticisms from the fans, and we are deliberating on how we can fill in the holes where we are lacking. In addition, we bow our heads in apology to everyone who felt discomfort for our inability to recognize the issue before fans voiced their concerns. We respectfully ask that people refrain from false, overblown criticisms that are born from exaggerated rumors. We will do everything we can in the future so that something like this doesn’t happen again. Thank you.”

Sorry, but I cannot read a celebrity statement with the phrase “with a heavy heart” without thinking about this:

Seriously though, I’m not sure what the fans expect Cre.Ker to do here. Unless things are significantly more serious than they currently appear, they aren’t gonna boot two members for what seems like a minor albeit shitty joke about women (the broadcast thing seems like a reach).


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