Kang Sung Hoon, already facing fraud scandal involving fansite, now alleged to have broken into ex-manager’s home

Kang Sung Hoon of Sechs Kies is having a hell of a time recently, as he has been accused of dating a fansite admin, being accused of fraud, and now alleged to be involved in a breaking and entering situation that involved authorities.


Over a couple weeks ago, KSH was involved in a controversy when fans saw a woman in his hotel room during a broadcast he was doing. In itself that wouldn’t have been as big of a deal, but it was alleged that the woman was one of the admins of his fanclub, Hoony World. That became especially relevant because there are questions about where fanclub donations went.

Rumors claimed that A “travels to Kang Sung Hoon’s personal schedules with him, and even roomed together at the hotel”. Furthermore, some fans also stepped up to raise an issue regarding funds raised from a fanclub video showing, approximately 100,000,000 KRW (~ $89,000 USD), arguing that the fanclub never specified where these funds were used.

He also came under fire for cancelling a fanmeeting in Taiwan that was organized by Hoony World, and the company said that he was responsible for the show’s cancellation.

The overseas organizer of the fan meeting stated that “Kang Sung Hoon cancelled the show one-sidedly,” and expressed their intent to file a lawsuit.

In response, KSH denied the dating rumors.

“I’ll be straightforward with the girlfriend rumors. Rumors are just rumors. There’s no need to clarify farther. There’s no reason to continue talking about it. Please stop the rumors from running amok.”

And as far as the fanmeeting in Taiwan goes, he claims the company tricked him.

“Over the past 3 months, I’ve tried my best to hold this fan meeting. All I have is apologetic hearts towards [the fans]. The Taiwanese media is trying to play this story out in a ridiculous way that it just looks stupid. The company holding the event, Forever 2228, tried to continue with the event, even if it meant that we would be losing money. However, the Taiwanese company tricked us, so the Taiwanese government denied our visa applications. That’s the fact. I’ll continue to keep updated on this issue to make sure it gets resolved, so please don’t stress over this and wait for me to give you an update at a later time.”

Meanwhile, his fansite also addressed the fanmeeting mess, saying that the other company is responsible.

Representatives from Hoony World revealed to media outlets, “The overseas company is exclusively responsible for providing a travel visa for the artist, but the company continued to demand a copy of Kang Sung Hoon’s contract with YG Entertainment as a necessary document for the visa process, dodging the real responsibility and ultimately cutting off contact.”

Either way, fans have not been refunded yet, so they’re the ones suffering here.

YG Entertainment then came out with a statement that they weren’t involved with his fanmeetings but will look into it.

“This is YG Entertainment. We express our deep regrets about the unfortunate situations that happened through Kang Sung Hoon’s solo fanmeeting. So far, Kang Sung Hoon had run his solo fanmeetings himself. But from now on, YG Entertainment will be looking through the details of all the situation and solve the problem as quickly as possible so there are no victims.”

Amazingly, it gets messier from there, as it’s alleged that Hoony World tried to tie YGE into KSH’s independent mess.

It’s being reported Kang Sung Hoon’s personal label Hoony World (Forever2228) attempted to address his recently canceled Taiwan fan meeting under YG Entertainment’s name. The YG Entertainment legal team has stated they’re currently looking into the matter.

The label stated, “YG was unaware of these issues, and we’re attempting to confirm the situation. The fan meeting was Kang Sung Hoon’s independent promotion.”

Can’t imagine YGE is gonna be a fan of that.

As if that wasn’t enough, KSH’s fans are now wondering where the ~$18,000 they donated for taxi ads went, as the taxi company stated they never received the money for something like that.

Kang Sung Hoon’s fan club is wondering what happened to taxi advertisement funds for his solo concert ‘The Gentle’ held this past June 5. According to his fans, they donated 23,967,901 Won ($21,308 USD) to support his solo promotions, and 20,000,250 Won ($17,781.42 USD) was to be used for taxi advertisements. However some fans are stating, “We didn’t see even one taxi advertising Kang Sung Hoon in Seoul.” Taxi company G has come forward to state they never received 20,000,250 Won, and they were not requested to serve taxi customers with Kang Sung Hoon’s banners on their vehicles. Rather, they were told to park 10 taxis around Kang Sung Hoon’s concert with his banners on them.

These accusations of fraud are especially being amplified because KSH has been accused of fraud previously three times. Back in 2013 he was found guilty of not paying back ~$900,000 in loans, he was also accused in 2015 but was found not guilty, and he now has an ongoing case regarding ~$100,000 he allegedly didn’t pay back.

Somehow that is not the end of his mess, as recently authorities are investigating his involvement in a breaking and entering of the home of his former manager with the help of his stylist.

According to police reports, Kang Sunghoon and his female stylist caused a scene at his ex-manager’s house after they visited his home, wanting to talk with him. The ex-manager’s older brother reported them to the police for breaking and entering, and the police were called to the scene. The situation seemed to have settled down with the arrival of the police, but a witness claimed that Kang Sunghoon and his stylist began harassing the ex-manager as soon as the police left. A second batch of policemen were called to the scene. “After the 1st batch of policement left, Kang Sunghoon and his stylist got out of the car that they were waiting in. When the [ex-manager] grabbed a taxi to go see his lawyer, [Kang Sunghoon and his stylist] suddenly blocked the taxi and used force to try and grab the [ex-manager’s] phone out of his hands. The [ex-manager] reported them to the police again afterwards, and a 2nd batch of policemen came.”

KSH’s stylist claimed she was assaulted in the incident.

When the police arrived again, the stylist claimed that she was assaulted by the ex-manager’s roommate. She held up her wrist to show them a bruise as proof. “I have a bruise on my wrist because I was assaulted. This incident has nothing to do with Kang Sunghoon, and I have no relation to Kang Sunghoon.”

However, the ex-manager and the roommate deny this.

The ex-manager and his roommate deny claims of assaulting her. They insist they only demanded that they leave and did not use force. “Kang Sunghoon and his acquaintances refused the police’s orders for them to leave, and [the stylist] even came in through the front door and threatened me. We only told them to leave. We didn’t assault her.”

Furthermore, they revealed they will be taking legal action for various issues.

The ex-manager and his lawyer announced that they will be taking legal actions against Kang Sunghoon and his acquaintances for breaking and entering. “We are going to file a formal complaint against Kang Sunghoon and his party for illegal house invasion, confinement, compulsion, and more.”

That ex-manager who house they were making a mess at? Allegedly a suspect in the fraud stuff.

The police discovered that the ex-manager is a key suspect in Kang Sunghoon’s recent fraud scandal. Kang Sunghoon and his stylist have repeatedly requested his ex-manager to meet them ever since the ex-manager left the agency back in August.

So yeah.

Uh, not great.


There’s so many moving parts to this it’s hard to know what’s what. That said, it’s never great when you’re somebody convicted of fraud, currently facing charges of fraud for a third time, and now have a large group of people questioning where their money went in two separate instances. Plus you might be getting charged for a battery of other things stemming from an altercation at somebody else’s residence where police were called on you twice.

The level of mess in this is unreal.


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