Video emerges of Kang Sung Hoon getting into ex-manager’s taxi after alleged breaking & entering

After I recapped the extensive mess that Sechs KiesKang Sung Hoon currently finds himself in, SBS released video and photos from the alleged breaking and entering incident at the home of an ex-manager.

For starters, it was clarified that the ‘stylist’ who accompanied Kang Sung Hoon to the ex-manager’s residence was one of the admins of his fansite, Hoony World. Meanwhile, the video shows KSH using his car to block the taxi that the ex-manager wanted to take to his lawyer, and reveals KSH demanding the ex-manager get out of the taxi for a conversation. The ex-manager tells KSH, “You’re scaring me.” However, KSH doesn’t seem moved, replying with, “Did I hit you or something? Why scared? I just want to leave after having a good talk. Get out.

Then you see the stylist/fansite admin who came with KSH enter into the taxi and try to take the ex-manager’s phone out of his hands. Following that KSH enters the vehicle and reiterates his desire to have a talk with his ex-manager, “Get out. Let’s have a talk, just you and me. I’m not doing anything weird. I just want to hear his opinion. Film me. Film all you want.

It was previously mentioned how the stylist/fansite admin claimed she was assaulted by the ex-manager’s roommate, who was apparently his brother, and she revealed photos to SBS that she claims stemmed from the incident.

The ex-manager has stated that he still intends to take legal action about Kang Sung Hoon for trespassing into his house and making threats against him.


Most importantly, shout out to the taxi driver for going with the attitude of, “Okay, but all of this is on the clock and I’m getting paid any damn way”.

Seriously though, while it’s still entirely possible the ex-manager was involved in KSH’s fraud case and that the stylist/fansite admin had excessive force used against her, their antics captured in this video is not exactly the best look for them.

Suppose we’ll find out more about this mess soon enough, especially if it goes to court.


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