K-Expo 2018 security guard fired after captured on video being a gigantic asshole to fans

K-Expo 2018 was an event that was recently held in New York, and one security guard in particular seemed to ruin the experience of at least a few concertgoers.

I was one of the fans chosen for the raffle to be up front and go on stage for The Rose’s performance at K-Expo 2018 As soon as the security guard on stage right/house left noticed that at least two of the members spoke English he began to harass their fans and started to say racist things about the boys. Although I didn’t get footage of all of the incident, this is what I have and it’s pretty damning. I have called the Melrose Ballroom box office and my phone number was forwarded to their upper management, but they still have not responded to me and I don’t think they ever will. This behavior is completely unacceptable and he needs to be punished by his management. I understand that the venue hires outside security companies but they need to actually respond to the fan complaints and notify the security company he’s from.

Most importantly, they got the security guard being an asshole on video.

Definitely hard to argue the point that the guy was being a dick, particularly when The Rose were on stage, sounding like a typical insecure meathead.

Thankfully, it seems like the guy was dealt with or is going to be dealt with.

Hard to argue with the video, after all.


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