MYTEEN’s Hanseul apologizes for allegedly flipping the bird to a fansite

Hanseul of MYTEEN has come under fire from a fansite recently, as they released a picture of him giving the middle finger.

The Music Works, MYTEEN’s agency, has issued an apology, explaining that it was just bad timing.

“We confirmed with Hanseul that the photo was taken by mistake last year in August during MYTEEN’s debut fan signing event, while he was trying out many different poses with his hand. We are sorry for causing trouble to many fans. We will be cautious from now on and we will make sure to prevent a mistake like this from ever happening again.”

Many are pointing out that it seems like the fansite knew this but is trying to ruin his reputation for whatever reason, as evidenced by the bitterness expressed in the connected tweets.

“All the times I stood up for you was such a damn waste of time^^
Birds listen to words of the morning, mice listen to words of the night and I listen to the words of Minjoon (Hanseul’s real name)~~~^^
You just go ahead and use the presents I gave you
And I’ll go ahead and accept the bird you gave me~~~”

“I’m a little disappointed that he became known as the f*ck-you boy. He’s not a f*ck-you boy, he’s >>> a fish who sees fans as money and says rude things <<<“

Yeah, it seems likely that it’s an aggrieved fan, honestly. It just seems extremely unlikely to me that nobody else would’ve said anything about an idol flipping off the crowd at a fanmeeting unless this was just a poorly timed picture.

Regardless, even if he did give the bird to a fansite, while not the smartest move, it would truly be admirable and I thank him for providing all of us with this picture.


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