Hara’s lawyers say ex’s denial just victimizes her again, Hara now finding public support

Following a Dispatch report that Hara was being blackmailed by her ex with a sex tape and that Hara would be pressing charges over it, his lawyers came forward to claim using dubious logic that it was not the intent of the ex. However, Hara’s lawyers have responded by calling out the ex’s lawyers for trying to victimize her again.

“The recent media interview given by representatives of C is clearly a second act of harm. It obscures the nature of the incident, which is the blackmail and coercion carried out in relation to the release of the video, as well as the attempt to release the video. We sternly warn C’s representatives to cease secondary acts of harm.”

Thankfully, she’s now finding support from places like the Korea Cyber Sexual Violence Response Center (KCSVRC) and even netizens who are creating petitions.

The Korea Cyber Sexual Violence Response Center also showed support for Goo Hara and asked for the proper punishment of “C.” The center stated that the case is not a simple blackmail case but a case of sexual violence as well. They pointed out that “C” was confident that he could ruin Goo Hara’s life, and that confidence results from the strong gender hierarchy in society. The public became furious due to the fact that “C” had continuously stated that he was the victim. Social awareness regarding the danger of revenge porn rose, and people started signing up for a national petition on the Blue House website. The number of people who signed up for the petition asking for the proper punishment of criminals like “C” exceeded 120,000 by October 5, 11 a.m KST.

Yeah, it’s difficult to see this any other way at the moment, especially since his own lawyers copped to the texts and video being legit and their only defense essentially amounted to trying to slut shame her.

Neutrality at this point doesn’t make any logical sense and essentially amounts to siding with the ex just for the hell of it.


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