HyunA reportedly writes handwritten letter to Cube CEO talking about treatment, people continue to miss point

HyunA recently wrote a handwritten letter to Cube Entertainment CEO Shin Dae Nam about her treatment at the hands of the company, according to Hyundae News.


To: CEO Shin Dae Nam

As you probably know, the only thing I’ve ever done was do my very best for the Cube Entertainment that exists today.

Firstly, when I was parting ways with JYP, I was on Chairman Hong’s side. Secondly, when there was a conflict between Chairman Hong and President Park Choong Min, I turned down President Park even when he tried to convince me and stood on the side of Chairman Hong. Thirdly, after Cube went public, the only thing I’ve done is do my best to help create the Cube that it has become today.

I don’t know how great of a crime I’ve committed, but since the beginning of September, all of my schedules have been canceled. Then on September 13, I read the news of my removal. Even though I could’ve been told in person. I accepted everything and received notice of the early cancellation of my contract after a final discussion at the chairman’s home in Mokdong on September 16. I’ve been told that a general meeting of stockholders will be held and that I would be told the results of the meeting, but I have not heard anything back so far. Things are being delayed with the excuse of above and below when we’re all in the same building.

Everyday is torture for me. For these past two months, it has been too difficult for me to wait. I ask that you give a response by the 15th. Then, I would like for the contract to be canceled cleanly and gentlemanly. If I receive no response by then, I will go about it on my own through a press conference on the basis of the facts that have occurred thus far. I ask once again. I’ve only done my very best, deteriorating my health in order to sacrifice for the Cube that exists today. Despite my feelings, my image has hit rock bottom and my reputation has been tarnished because of my removal from Cube.

If you remember our beautiful memories, I ask that you resolve this issue beautifully and amicably. May Cube experience continuous and endless growth. Thank you.

From HyunA 10.04.2018

Sender: Kim HyunA
Recipient: CEO Shin Dae Nam


HyunA sounds reasonable enough and shows the issues appear to go deeper than they appear.

The problem I have with the ‘rules are rules’ company sycophants types, who were probably the tattletales everybody hated in school and now call the cops for every minor inconvenience, is that the dating rules they cite don’t actually exist and I’m not sure would be enforceable legally anyway. So Cube was simply retaliating for insubordination, but what actually for? At the core, it’s still about dating, the illusion that idols are available to their fans. These company stans love to rail on about others not thinking critically about the situation, but they are actually missing the forest for the trees, as the question they should be asking using their own logic is why them dating was ever an issue to begin with. If they want to compare it to a job, then compare it to a job the whole way and see how it would go over if their company tried to terminate their job over their private relationship (expand this thinking to consequences it might have for LGBT+ relationships or whatever else). So yeah, think critically … and they should start.


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