Hara’s ex, Choi Jong Bum, has warrant for his arrest requested for blackmail and bodily harm

In addition to the case of domestic assault between Hara and Choi Jung Bum, it was revealed recently that CJB had threatened Hara with a reminder that he had a sex tape of the two. That seemed to turn the scandal on its head, and Bum has now had an arrest warrant for him requested by police for blackmail and bodily harm.

On October 22, Gangnam Police Station stated, “We requested an arrest warrant for Choi Jong Bum to the prosecutor’s office on October 19, for blackmail and injury charges. The prosecutor’s office has requested court for the warrant today.”

Choi Jong Bum will be charged for causing bodily harm, a more serious charge than an assault. Other acts such as sending Goo Hara the video and forcing her to kneel down were seen as blackmail, adding up to the reasons behind the request for the arrest warrant.

An arrest warrant request is, of course, not guilt or anything close to that. However, given what we know about the case through the evidence revealed to the public thus far, it is rather relieving to see authorities reacting to this in a way that seems to make sense.


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