Hara’s ex goes to press claiming he wasn’t threatening Hara & wasn’t going to send it to Dispatch

Hara‘s ex (who identified himself as Choi Jong Bum) is now facing charges on making threats and blackmail over a sex tape of himself and Hara, and I guess with him feeling that the tides of public support have turned completely against him, his legal team is going on some kind of media blitz, though it doesn’t exactly do him any favors.

Lawyer Kwak Jun Ho writes, “Revenge porn is pornography that has been released without a subject’s consent or awareness. It’s used as blackmail to force someone into committing another sexual act or to threaten them so that they cannot break off a relationship.” “The video that Choi Jong Bum and Goo Hara filmed and simply stored is absolutely not revenge porn,” he stated. “It was not released and there were no attempts made to release it.” He went on to say that this will be clearly proven through the police’s analysis of the collected items and investigation.

I’m guessing the point of this now is trying to protect his client legally, because rationally, there’s no way one can believe he sent her that sex tape moments after a physical altercation and before contracting Dispatch twice with promises of a juicy story and not think that the intent was a threat.

CJB’s lawyer went on to answer Hara’s lawyers by saying them him responding to the revenge porn reports were not re-victimizing Hara, but were simply defending his client’s rights.

Kwak Jun Ho has now stated that Choi Jong Bum had only been replying to Goo Hara’s “continuous one-sided” claims using his “right of reply” (commonly known as the right to defend oneself from public criticism on the same site as its publication). He went on to say that Goo Hara’s representatives calling his response a “second act of harm” was an obstruction of his right of reply.

Nah, the tactic was to try and turn the public on her by hoping everybody would think she’s a slut, basically. It backfired. So it goes, my man.

Apparently that wasn’t enough, however, and CJB sat down with SBS to talk about it.

“The reason why I sent her the video was because I didn’t want to film it in the first place. I didn’t film it, Goo Hara filmed it on the phone that I brought with me. We were ending our relationship so there was no reason to keep it, so I sent it to her as a way of closure.”

Again, their side is basically that the sex tape was her idea, which means nothing morally in terms of making threats about it or making it public, and then he ridiculously asserts that a normal human way to end a relationship is to send your partner a sex tape as if it’s like returning a VHS tape or something and not a digital file that will continue to exist.

SBS thankfully also gave time to Hara’s roommate to at least give another side of things.

“Would someone really send the video just to find closure? It’s a threat. It’s a threat saying, ‘I have this video so be careful. I don’t know where I’m going to leak this.’”

Yeah, this is how sane people see those chains of events.

CJB then claims that while he did contact Dispatch, he wasn’t going to actually give the sex tape to them.

“After seeing how numb she was after looking at the scratches on my face, my frustrated emotions riled up. I wondered, ‘How could you do this? How could you do this to someone’s face…?’ That’s why I did what I did. At the time, I was too emotional so I said those things, but if I were really going to expose it [to Dispatch], I could have attached the files with my initial report. I just wanted her to feel something so I wrote those reports, but I came to realize that it wasn’t the right thing to do so I called the police instead.”

I assume this is for his legal defense or something cause nobody believes this.

Meanwhile, Hara’s roommate talked about how it felt to receive that video.

“I heard that he sent Goo Hara photos and videos and that he was going to expose it to the media. You don’t know how that video is going to be used. Even I was scared of his messages. How do you think Goo Hara felt? She’s a first party involved.”

Basically, yeah.


That said, there’s a reason I focused on the moral implications, because this CJB and his lawyers might just be protecting themselves legally. Kim Kyung Jin, a Korean legislator, recently revealed that CJB is likely to get off because of the way the laws are currently setup in terms of revenge porn.

Korean legislator, Kim Kyung Jin, recently held an interview where he revealed that Koo Hara’s ex-boyfriend will most likely be un-punishable for claims of ‘revenge porn’. As Koo Hara consented to the filming, it will be difficult for the ex-boyfriend to be charged. “With the current laws, it’s impossible to punish someone for spreading a [sex tape] if it was filmed with both parties’ consent.”

That said, he wants to use this as a chance to change the laws because the way they’re setup currently is not something he agrees with.

“Showing your ex-girlfriend the video means, ‘I have this, so you need to do as I say.’ Isn’t it most logical to think, ‘It’s impossible not to consider it a threat.’? It’s a passive threat, a silent threat.” Lawmakers, such as Kim Kyung Jin, have begun vocalizing their demands to create and strengthen laws that punishes those who use private videos as a form of threat. “We’re proposing a bill to punish those who use private videos as threats with a sentencing of up to 3 years.”

Yeah, knowing where Hara stands legally makes CJB’s lawyers confounding consent to a sex tape and consent to have it released for public consumption make more sense as they’re basically making their legal defense in public. Of course, the problem is that reasonable people do not care if he can get away with it on a technicality, because everybody who reads that exchange knows what he was trying to do.


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