Past vid on official channel appears to make light of The East Light being abused off camera

Following Lee Seok Cheol‘s allegations of abuse and assault against him and his brother by producer Moon Youngil and CEO Kim Chang Hwan, a video from November 2017 has come to the forefront. Posted to The East Light‘s official YouTube channel, the video is supposed to follow the boys around as they do their schedule for the day. The relevant aspect of this is that around ~27 seconds into the video, Lee Seok Cheol is seemingly heard being hit over and over in the background.

Following the recent allegations of abuse, netizens noticed noises in the background of the video at the 28-second mark: Lee Seok Cheol saying “It was a mistake” and repeatedly saying, as he is being hit with something, that it hurts. Lee Eun Sung, Kim Jun Wook, and Jung Sa Gang were on camera at the time, and after looking over to see what was going on, Lee Eun Sung explains, “Actually, on the way here, Seok Cheol was playing music in the car and had opened the sunroof without starting the engine, doing everything he wanted to do, so the battery in one of the cars died. He’s being disciplined by our manager.” The camera turns to show what is going on but cuts to a different clip, with a short message saying that the video was deleted at the request of the agency.

Given how scripted everything is regarding things like this, it’s entirely possible that this was all staged. But even if so, we now know stuff of this nature was happening in real life at the time, and even acknowledging it in a tongue-in-cheek manner seems to be at odds with what the Media Line Entertainment CEO has been claiming in regards to the company’s knowledge of the abuse and assault.

Though I suppose the far darker interpretation of this is that the abuses that were going on off camera was common and tolerated to the point where not only did nobody make a big deal about it, but the company green-lighted putting in a video in a light-hearted manner.


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