[Review] Babylon surprises with foot-tapping r&b effort, “One More Night”

At the beginning of October, singer Babylon released a music video for “One More Night“, a song that featured VINXEN. It took me a while to get around to listening, but I was surprised by how glad I was that I did.

I went into “One More Night” expecting a rather basic r&b track that confuses seductive and emotional with lazy and boring. That’s nothing against Babylon as much as it is about my experience trudging through the majority of Korean releases in the genre. Thankfully then, “One More Night” starts off with a much more interesting mid-tempo bassline and instrumentation that provides some funk to the verses. It then drops into a sensual pre-chorus, showing that one can invoke those feelings and be musically engaging as well.

Where “One More Night” really sealed the deal, however, is the chorus. A bit unexpectedly, it breaks out into a groovy little number with a memorable “just one more night, night with you” refrain that the listener can look forward to throughout. The Michael Jackson-inspired falsetto runs to close it out was a nice nostalgic touch as well.

If you argue that nothing here exactly reinvents the wheel but rather essentially refurbishes proven r&b formulas, you’ll get no argument from me. But … I mean it’s definitely not a bad thing if more r&b singers try to inject a bit more life into their efforts. “One More Night” proves that pursuing a certain vibe doesn’t mean you have to put everybody to sleep in the process.


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