YGE lawyers make excuses about lack of debut in ‘MIXNINE’ lawsuit, Happyface lawyers fire back

In case you forgot, the lawsuit Happyface Entertainment filed against YG Entertainment over the ‘MIXNINE‘ debacle is ongoing, and recently YGE lawyers made excuses for tried to explain the reasons behind cancelling the final group’s debut.

YG’s legal representative stated, “If ‘MIXNINE’ was a successful program, a thing such as cancellation of debut would not have happened. However, it is true that the program did not score well, so we feel sorry and pitiful. We also suffered from a lot of damages because of this show.” The representative added, “Releasing the album for the final members was not a mandatory clause in the contract. Since all the members’ agencies were different, we originally requested for the full authority of managing all the members for four months. We started preparing for debut, but we soon came to the conclusion that we could not create a successful album within four months with this team. So we suggested to the agencies that we have a three-year preparation period.” The lawyer concluded by saying, “All the agencies had different positions towards our suggestion. There was one agency that said that three years was too long while another agency agreed to the length. However, according to the contract, all nine members had to participate. That’s why negotiations broke down.”

YG Entertainment stated, “We did not expect any trial regarding request for compensation. Our legal representative will reply to the case, and we will try to solve all misunderstandings as possible by law.”

Legally, I’m sure this might be a fine argument or whatever, but even in their own fucking defense they basically admit that they tried to fuck with things because the show was a flop. Now they wanted three years to prepare? THREE YEARS? There was no way that at least one agency wasn’t refusing those terms, which sure as hell seems to be what they wanted.

HFE’s lawyers then responded and honestly sorta hit it out of the park.

Happyface Entertainment’s legal representative soon released the agency’s statement towards the case. The lawyer stated, “If the contract had properly been fulfilled, the negotiations with all the other members’ agencies and YG would not have broken down.” The lawyer added, “It was possible to debut the team within four months at that time. However, YG’s reason that they could not make the team’s debut because the program did not score well makes us feel exactly like this traditional saying, ‘You swallow if it’s sweet and spit it out if it’s bitter.’” (This saying refers to when a person is used when his/her service is needed and distance between that person is kept when he/she is no longer needed.) The lawyer also pointed out, “YG knew that having a three year-long preparation period was unacceptable to small agencies like us, but they suggested this anyway. Their explanation is all about justifying themselves. YG also had to cover all expenses that were spent during the show’s filming and broadcasting period, but they did not.”

Well … burn.

Not sure how it’s possible to reasonably defend YGE in this case, as even if they do get away with this on a technicality, it was still a fucked up stunt to pull.


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