DJ DOC’s Jung Jae Yong engagement to ICIA’s Sunah causes surprise … and potential legal strife

According to DJ DOC‘s company Super Jam Record, group member Jung Jae Yong (45) will be getting married to ICIA‘s Sunah (26), who is also pregnant.

Everybody knows DJ DOC, but if her name sounds familiar then it’s probably because of ICIA’s nugu smash “Time Bomb, as well as Sunah … uh, being attractive in a bikini.

I truly do wish the story ended there.

Unfortunately, it seems like their companies are at each other’s throats over the couple. Sunah’s company, DAM Entertainment, is saying that she is still under contract, and more importantly that she owes them money.

ICIA’s agency DAM Entertainment stated, “Sun Ah still has over three years left on her exclusive contract with us. However, we only learned about her upcoming marriage today. We’re very taken aback.” The source also claimed that on top of the issue regarding her exclusive contract, there are also issues of debt that need to be resolved. They went on to state, “We want to congratulate her on her upcoming marriage and pregnancy, but there remains the matter of money she personally borrowed from the agency CEO. During her activities, Sun Ah borrowed 13 million won (approximately $11,570) that she said she needed for the down payment of her home. The CEO lent her the money because she was always hardworking and was struggling financially. But Sun Ah is claiming that she has never borrowed money from him.” The source added, “We are not trying to hold her back. We want her to find a happy life as a wife and mother, but we don’t think it’s right for her to claim that she never borrowed money from us, so we are speaking with our lawyers. There would be no issue here if she paid back the money she borrowed, but Sun Ah keeps claiming that she didn’t borrow any money and that if there is any money she owes to the agency, she’s paid it off through her hard work and sacrifice. If it comes to a point where we need to take legal action, we will.”

Jung Jae Yong’s agency rebutted this claim, saying the other agency told her to break it off with him and that they used their relationship to attempt extorting money.

Jung Jae Yong’s agency Superjam Records responded to these claims by stating, “When Jung Jae Yong and Sun Ah started dating two years ago, she received pressure from her agency to break things off. However, they continued their relationship and it became clear to us that things had come to a situation where she had to leave her group.” They added, “Her agency suddenly contacted us today after the article about their upcoming wedding came out, and they have been threatening us by saying, ‘If the debt isn’t paid back, we will release articles about it using Jung Jae Yong’s name.’ We ask the agency to stop these shameless acts to obtain monetary gains. If they continue to use Jung Jae Yong’s name, we will take legal action.”

So maybe a date in court is coming soon.

Interestingly, Jung Jae Yong’s side don’t deny the debt exists, they just don’t want him associated with it. So definitely seems possible that Sunah owes her company money, but we’ll probably find out more if this continues to advance.


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